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Dr. Veena Sahasrabuddhe

Dr. Veena Sahasrabuddhe. Others call her Veena-tai, 'tai' being the Marathi word for elder sister. On starting to learn from her, I grew to address her as Veena-aai i.e. Veenai, her having become my second mother, and 'aai' being the Marathi word for mother.

She was born in a family of musicians, her father being the disciple of the musical maestro Pt. Vishnu Digambar Paluskar. Her childhood was steeped in Hindusthani Classical music and dance. She also learned from other stalwarts later even as she pursued formal education in music and post doctoral research.

She developed an iconic style of presentation and is most known the world over for her Khayals, Bhajans, Taranas, Sanksrit Stotras and Ragamalas. She wears many hats - a performer like none other, a Guru deified by her students as goddess Saraswati, a composer, a researcher, an author and having been a keen observer of many generations of music, an encyclopedia galactica of Music and Teaching, a genius.

Having married to Dr. Hari Sahasrabuddhe ('baba' to students), she had superlative encouragement and support as well as opportunity to stay and teach in locations across the world. She has taught many a student, wowed many an audience, globally.

Thats about her, very very briefly. There is a lot of published music and information about her on the internet and please google for the same. Alternatively, you could begin here: Veena

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