जो है, सो है. आपको अभी समझना है, कल समझना है, या नहीं समझना है, ये आपपे निर्भर करता है.
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About Me

I've done Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pune. My areas of interest cover technology in general and software in particular. I enjoy and study Indian classical music, am a nature lover. Notable among the many things that excite me are the human mind and the concepts of excellence and perfection.

The Python programming language is yet another keen interest, and these pages are developed with its help.

Brief Bio - Experience Summary

  • 25 years in the computer software industry as a software professional, innovator, inventor and an engineering leader.
  • Worked with various Indian and Multi-National companies on diverse software development platforms and methodologies including object oriented, client server, web managed, distributed processing systems and now micro-services based architectures on the cloud.
  • Worked in project consulting environment in diverse areas of software development, project planning, management and execution.
  • Worked in product development environment including market research, product conceptualization, planning, staffing, execution management, release management, and customer support
  • Worked in process control and industrial automation, network management technologies including network monitoring, performance management, load balancing, and storage management technologies including media management, SAN management, replication, clustering and disaster recovery and legacy + cloud backup technologies
  • Built products grounds-up from all stages (Concept through Manufacturing) and across all layers (Sensor Electronics through Cloud Software) in the Mobile/Wearables & Embedded Systems area including front-ends on the iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Tizen platforms, Java/J2EE/NodeJS and Python/Django backends, and Firmware.
  • Have built platforms and solutions for the Internet of Things.
  • Currently Engineering a Global Product in the Cloud Security (Continuous Online Protection) space.
  • Recognized as 'Employee of the Year' for 2008.
  • Feb 2010: Proudly recieved for his Product Team, "Project Management Excellence Award" by Project Management Institute, Pune Chapter, for Contribution in the field of Product Innovation.
  • Contributor to the Android Cookbook, a crowdsourced Android book for developers, by O'reilly.

If you must probe deeper, ask for my resume.

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Human. Professional. Technologist. Musician. Naturophile. Linguaphile. Traveller. Philosopher. Friend. Don't-Worry-Be-Happy-ist.