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Shivaji - 'the' personality

Shivaji, the Marathi king who ruled western india around 1650 AD, is regarded as the initiator of local self rule in the Indian subcontinent, then largely ruled by the Mughals. He died early, leaving his dream of uniting the land from Tanjore in the south to Peshavar in the north, incomplete. He however left a strong legacy of nationalism, good governance and humanitarian principles in an inspired polity, who not only continued his quest then, but return time and again to his philosophy, as observed on studying his life and times. For reasons unknown, his secular credentials were largely ignored and even misinterpreted by independent India, but he continues to inspire, irrespective.

In this essay written in Marathi, I explore facets of his life and suggest how we can learn and grow into better human beings by imbibing the lessons to improve our personalities and become successful individuals in various aspects of our lives.

In the history of the Indian Subcontinent, like Chanakya, his is the only other, truly awesome personality, with the potential to integrate our mindspace and widen our horizons. Happy reading.

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