माणूस जन्म घेतो त्यावेळी त्याच्या हाताच्या मुठी बंद असतात. परमेश्वराने एका हातात 'आनंद' आणि एका हातात 'समाधान' कोंबून पाठवलेलं असतं.
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The Software Engineers Reporting Assistant (SERA), is a program that primarily helps system analysts, programmers, software engineers, or any contributor in the Information Technology Industry to speedily create a Status Report of his work.

It also helps managers because they can get a consistent report from all the people who send them one.

I wrote SERA, because, for a long time, I've wanted a

  • simple tool
  • thats easy to use,
  • that helps me capture all the stuff I worked on and
  • relieves me of having to worry about the formatting,
to create my status reports. And I didnt find any.
SERA is hosted on
Please visit SERA's SourceForge page for more details and downloads.

Its a Python program released under GPL and looks like this :


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