If everything around you seems dark, look again, you may be the light. -Rumi
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Rajeev Paranjape

He speaks medical pharmacology, automobile engineering and indian musicology. He composes music for a wide variety of theatrical creations. He re-composes almost all popular musical plays from marathi theatre - a maestro of 'natya sangeet'. He makes and plays the musical organ and the harmonium and accompanies stalwarts of hindustani classical music. He tours the world for musical contribution. He sings melodiously … but only when teaching his dear students. His fans consume notes out of his fingers. And I am sure he does a few more awesome things that I am not yet aware of.

More than an ultra-polyglot, surely! Thats Rajeev Paranjape.

I have yet to meet someone with a keener sense of sur, taal and laya combined. And I know I am being influenced most suitably as I learn from him, lucky me!

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Human. Professional. Technologist. Musician. Naturophile. Linguaphile. Traveller. Philosopher. Friend. Don't-Worry-Be-Happy-ist.