Space is to place as eternity is to time. -Joseph Joubert
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Measure your Achievements

At one point in life, one has to think about all he has achieved in life, and whether his goals in life do match with his achievements. These include all kinds of achievements (material as well as moral). Material achievements are important, because they help in finding time for moral achievements as well. If you cannot achieve the first, then achieving the latter is almost unthinkable. So one has to try to achieve, both to a great extent. Material achievements help one to be satisfied financially, and thus have a sense of social security. Then one can look for moral achievements, thus finding ways of contribution to society. However there is a grave danger in material achievements giving rise to ever increasing desires, thereby increasing frustration and depression. One has to achieve a proper balance failing which there would be chaos.

Author : Anantanarayan Iyengar
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