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2009-10-12 Rethinking Presentations

I recently read lot of good information on presentations in general on Don Clark's pages. Here is a presentation that captures it in a nutshell. There is also a comprehensive list of suggestions by Mihai Budiu here.

Heres another good article on CIO which had good advice on making presentations. Here is the gist:

  1. The shorter the better
  2. Rehearsing is mandatory
  3. Engaging visuals make better slides - include audio/video snippets and animations
  4. Do better than reading out your slides
  5. Utilize the communication spectrum

However do consider these apparently radical approaches to reaching out your message:
1. Skip the software: use the whiteboard and the marker. Write/Draw as you speak and you can still be very effective
2. Make an audio-visual. Yes a film. And play that. That might work better than presenting over the phone !

Do you have some nifty different idea about getting your message across ? Do comment.

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