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My Answers on Quora related to Hindustani Classical Music

Here are some answers related to Hindustani Classical Music that I posted on Quora.

What is a Rāga? How do we distinguish between different Rāgas?

What are the reason that people think that Ragas are boring?

Why isn't Hindustani Classical popular among the Indian youth?

How do I get started listening to Indian classical music?

Indian Classical Music: Can we sing or use Chotakhyal bandish as Vailambeet (Badakhyal) bandish or vice versa?

I'm learning Hindustani vocal classical music. What instrument is best that I should learn to play along with while singing?

Why is there such a long warm-up (in singing) in Indian classical music?

Is there any research done about the Raga time-chakra and whether there is actually any correlation between the appeal of a raag and if it is listened to at a particular time of the day?

Is there any way to learn Indian classical singing online?

What is the difference between a sitar and a tanpura?

How does one identify which swar is vaadi/samwaadi for a particular raga?

What are the basic rules to create a Raga or for a melody to be called a Raga in Indian classical music?

And once you check out any of these, you will find many more than the ones listed here.
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