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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win. -Mohandas Gandhi see all quotes

The 2005 rainy season will be memorable for Pune and Mumbai for torrential rains that caused flash floods, rumors , panic there-of and all sorts of un-imaginable inconveinence.
The Pune city and suburbs, through whom run the Mula-Mutha and the Pavana rivers, reportedly faced the heaviest rainfall in a hundred years, causing water from dams on these rivers to be released, hence affecting those residing on their banks.
These are a few photos collected from friends, and published by their permission.
Your comments are welcome, do drop me an email.

Civic life became too hot to handle, while there was water everywhere on the two days (July 26, 2005 and August 2, 05) in Pune. RedHot
©2005 Ganesh Iyer
The river parked itself in some residential complexes ... Parked
©2005 Ganesh Iyer
... enjoyed their re-creation areas, ... Recreation
©2005 Santosh Gopinathan
... and even taught a few unlikely entities to swim !, ... Swim
©2005 Santosh Gopinathan
... while it raged in its channel, ... Rage
©2005 Salil Gokhale
... tried to drown trees and electricity poles, ... Tree
©2005 Salil Gokhale
... held bridges by the scruff of their necks, ... Bridge
©2005 Salil Gokhale
... held civic life to ransom, ... City
©2005 Salil Gokhale
... and generally had a rollicking time in all kinds of low lying areas. LowLying
©2005 Ganesh Iyer
Lacking good infrastructure and good disaster recovery mechanisms, all Pune could do, was to welcome it. Though MKVDC officials, reportedly, did save Pune from even more massive floods. Welcome
©2005 Salil Gokhale
Finally, having battled the river, some people even sought out beauty. Beauty
©2005 Salil Gokhale

Before and After

These before and after photos by Vijay Kurup clearly bring out the contrasts that the floods created, in the life of Punekars.

©2005 Vijay Kurup

©2005 Vijay Kurup

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