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Pine URL Viewer

I like to launch a browser from pine after I press on a link in the message viewer and let pine continue to allow me to read other email while the browser loads the URL in the background.

To that end, I found this stuff out there, and am re-producing my customised version here for convenience.

Create a text script somewhere, say $HOME/scripts/urlview, and put the following in it :

# short script to invoke BROWSER from within pine as a background
# process, so pine can continue. Only arg is the URL.
# Author: Ed Arnold
# Modified by: Atul Nene
BROWSER="konsole -e lynx"
URL=`echo $1 | sed 's/,/%2C/g'`

# handle viewing HTML attachment or message files
ATTACH=`echo $URL | grep /tmp/img-HTM | wc -l`
if [ $ATTACH = 1 ]; then
cp $URL ${URL}.html


and modify these 2 settings in your .pinerc :


Note: Ensure to replace the <$HOME> with the actual path.

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