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Kindness is almost always bigger when it is received than when it is given. What may be a small thing for you to offer can make a tremendous difference to those who receive it. see all quotes

There is no God

Some men say, 'There is no GOD.'

All the wonders around you are accidental.

No Almighty hand made a thousand billion stars. They made themselves.

The surface of our land just happened to have topsoil, without which we would have no vegetables to eat, and no grass for the animals whose eat is our food.

The inaxhaustible envelope of air, only 50 miles deep and of exactly the right density to support life, is just another law of physics.

We have day and night because the earth spins at a given speed without slowing down.

Who made this arrangement?

Who tilts it so that we get seasons?

The sun's fire does not generate too much heat so that we fry, but just enough that we do not freeze.

Who keeps its fire constant?

The human heart will beat for 70 or 80 years without faltering.

How does it get sufficient rest between beats?

Who gave the human tongue flexibility to form words, and who made a brain to understand them?

Is it all accidental?

'There is no GOD'? That's what some people say !

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