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Ecology and Economy are similar sounding words -Atul Nene see all quotes

ऊस लागल तुझ्या पाण्याला

Note: To be able to read this Marathi text, please ensure you have set View->Character Encoding to Unicode (UTF-8) in your browser.

पाण्याचे कुनियोजन, शेतीचे अव्यवस्थापन व शेतकऱ्याची आर्थिक व्यथा मांडणारे विडंबन काव्य. 'तुझ्या उसाला लागला कोल्हा' या चालीवर म्हणा

पावसाळा जोरावर आला,
येडा डोस्क्यात पुढारी झाला,
ऊस लागल तुझ्या पाण्याला (२).

पुन्य चोरून या मातीला,
भरल्या धरणावर मानूस तान्हेला,
ऊस लागल तुझ्या पाण्याला (२).

बाजार नाही रे बाकी पिकाला,
कसा शेतीचा इस्कोट झाला,
ऊस लागल तुझ्या पाण्याला (२).

अतुल सांगे आपल्या मैतराला,
पोरा सांभाळ रे इमानाला,
ऊस लागल तुझ्या पाण्याला (२).

पैका पाहिजे हो शेतकऱ्याला,
पांडुरंगा तुम्हीच की सांभाळा,
ऊस लागल तुझ्या पाण्याला (२).

This is a satirical marathi poem based on current practice of allocating water resources excessively to cash crops like sugarcane. Sing to the tune of the popular marathi folk song 'phaDa sambhal turyaalaa aalaa, tuzya usaalaa laagala kolhaa'.

My friend Ranjit Bhalerao suggested I share a translation in English for benefit of global readers, heres a lose one:

the monsoon has settled well,
politicians have lost their mind,
all water will go to sugarcane fields (2)

goodwill of the land is being stolen,
dams are overflowing while men thirst on their banks,
all water will go to sugarcane fields (2)

theres demand only for cashcrops, not others,
farming priorities are broken beyond repair,
all water will go to sugarcane fields (2)

atul addresses his friends, says guys and gals,
do listen to the voice of your concience,
all water will go to sugarcane fields (2)

after all, farmers too have families to feed,
oh God, we need your intervention here,
(else) all water will go to sugarcane fields (2)

For those who cannot read the devanagari unicode text on their devices, here is a version trasliterated in English:

paawasaaLaa joraawara aalaa
yeDaa Doskyaata puDhaaree zaalaa
oosa laagala tujhyaa paaNyaalaa (2)

punya choroona yaa maateelaa
bharalyaa dharaNaawara maanoosa taanhelaa
oosa laagala tuzyaa paaNyaalaa (2)

baajaara naahee re baakee pikaalaa
kasaa sheteechaa iskoTa zaalaa
oosa laagala tuzyaa paaNyaalaa (2)

atula saange aapalyaa meitaraalaa
poraa saambhaaLa re imaanaalaa
oosa laagala tuzyaa paaNyaalaa (2)

peikaa pahije ho shetakaryaalaa
paanDurangaa tumheech kee saambhaaLaa
oosa laagala tuzyaa paaNyaalaa (2)

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