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Confident People

A short time ago I became aware rather abruptly of my primary goal as a parent. My eldest child turned 16 and with a loud cry of "free at last", she got her driving licence. My fears were somewhat allayed by the assuarance of her driving instructor : "Don't worry. Your daughter is very confident." I realised there was no other single human quality that more affected the outcomes of our lives than confidence. Only with confidence do we tackle life's challanges with the faith that we handle them.

What distinguishes the confident people ?

Confident people have a philosophy about why they were created. They have a sense of purpose, a belief, that they are important, that their lives matter. Confident people know what they bring to the world. They are aware of what they are good at, their special abilities. They know that sucess, satisfaction, and fulfilment are the rewards for contributing their gifts towards something that makes a difference. Confident people know that the accomplishments of any worthwhile endeavour requires commitment. They know it is only to that in which they truly believe are they willing to be committed. If you would like your confidence to soar to new heights there is no finer investment of your time than to reflect upon the following questions.

Do I recognise my gifts, talents and abilities and utilise them fully ?

Do I view life's events as opportunities to grow ?

Do I have a sense of purpose ?

Do I vision for my life ?

Do I have an effective, satisfying self management system ?

Is there something in my life to which I am totally commited ?

Have I ever felt a personal sense of responsibility for having the world be a better place to live ?

Source : IT People, March 31, 1997
Author : David McNally (Excerpts)
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