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2009-03-27 Factors that drive Excellence of Project Delivery and Quality

The top 3 factors driving delivery excellence are :

  1. Capacity: The Capabilities and Competency of Human Resources, i.e. their talent and experience with the organization as well as their attitude. So choose the right team.
  2. Timeliness: Balancing Requirements and Schedule constraints to set the right customer expectation and deliver according to plan, on time.
  3. Communication: Channelizing the right information at the right time to all stakeholders and enabling team work towards end goal - delivery.
The top 3 factors driving quality excellence are :
  1. Material Resources: Availability of the right tools in the right amount for optimizing the time and improving on the quality of output
  2. The Quality Management System : Process readiness and 'aware' implementation that doesn't take away from productivity but resonates with organizational rhythm.
  3. Learning Culture: A culture of becoming better everyday actively promoted and rewarded by the organization.
Notice that these 6 factors are interlinked for example a Learning Culture will positively impact the Competency of the team. And Communication is the one key factor that will impact how all others combine to become more than the sum of parts.

Tags: project delivery quality excellence

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